Construction of the generator brick cladded service yard enclosure and duct bank has begun with anticipated delivery of the permanent generator in early June. It will take about a month to make it operational. At that point, the temporary generator will be removed from the site and the Data Center will have its permanent generator.


About the Data Center

SMU’s 25,000-square-foot Data Center will allow researchers, faculty, and students to utilize the high performance computing equipment to support experiments and research which span many disciplines including, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, finance, economics, mathematics, and the arts. The general purpose computing equipment supports the production systems for the university’s critical business operations.

Temporary Generator

  • A temporary generator is expected to remain on site to support the critical needs of the Data Center during a loss of power until the permanent generator is installed and operational.
  • This generator will be on site until approximately the summer of 2015 and is located in the parking area immediately adjacent to the Data Center.
  • The unit is being used during a loss of power and when monthly maintenance is being performed on the unit.

About the Permanent Generator

  • The initial installation will include one 2.5MW generator to provide back-up power for the existing electrical loads required to meet the demands of the Data Center.
  • The generator will be self-contained in sound attenuated, weather-proofed,fire-rated, and manufacturer-provided enclosures, having its own 5,000 gallon double-walled and fire-rated belly tank. The primary source of fuel to the generator will be delivered by the incorporated belly tank. This fuel storage will provide 24 hours of back-up power to the Data Center in the case of a power loss.
  • The generator is expected to be fully operational by summer 2015 to continue supporting the critical needs of the Data Center during a loss of power. It will be installed on the vacant portion of land at the southern tip of the site within a secured brick cladded service yard.
  • The unit will be used:

o   during a loss of power,

o   when monthly maintenance is being performed on the units

o   when ERCOT requires SMU to curtail power consumption during peak demand times.

  • Monthly maintenance is expected to take 1-2 hours per month and will not exceed the maximum allowable maintenance run time as dictated by the TCEQ.


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