Lyle-in-the-City Recently, the North Texas Food Bank partnered with St. Philip’s School & Community Center in South Dallas to build a new food pantry in the community. This partnership will provide food to those who need assistance.

Lyle Engineering in the City students noticed that fresh produce might be scarce in the food pantry. To address this problem, they partnered with St. Philip’s in mid-April to rebuild their existing community garden and to install an aquaponic system for the school and community center to use to grow fresh produce.

Lyle Engineering in the City is a co-curricular, service initiative that enables engineering students to apply their engineering knowledge and skills in service to the Dallas/Ft. Worth community in conjunction with a community partner. Students employ “user-centered” research and design practices to solve problems and meet the needs that are genuinely valued by the community partner.

St. Philip’s serves their local community in various ways; from serving free dinners to children inside their cafeteria, to providing a meeting space for senior citizens to gather on a regular basis. St. Philip’s excels at impacting and supporting their community members, and Lyle was excited to partner with them in solving this problem.

Leadership for the project was provided by student managers Samantha Reeves, Amanda Steinke, Nariana Sands and Chase Harker. Other students, staff and alumni helped included:

 Andrew Alvarado  Taylor Henry
 Alex Ussery  Kaitlyn Thomas
 Charee Stewart (Philosophy Dept. Staff  Ricky Mouser (Philosophy Major)
 Cameron Woolley (Philosophy Major)  Tyler Nelson (Geology Major)
 Conner Flynn (Geology Major)  Margot O. Daniel (Advertising Major
 Umang Thanki  Tracy Von Gonten (Alumni)
 Marcus Hayes  Jack Von Gonten (son of Alumni)
 Rachel Gonzalez  Sheila Pata (St. Philip’s Science Teacher)
 Dr. Terry Flowers (St. Philip’s Headmaster)  David Lee
 Emely Villeda-Prinipe  Kaitlyn Hatfield
 Shwetha Bhat  Danton Zhao
 Rachel Turner  Alex Mychaels
 Aurora Havens  Rachel Buchanan (project coordinator)
 John Kiser  Lauryn Smith
 Samantha Wyatt  Vernon Ward (St. Philip’s staff)


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