Graduate Seminar Series

The Graduate Seminar Series is an opportunity for the chemistry graduate students to train their presentation skills and critical thinking. Some basic rules are:

  • Topics should be about chemistry, can be either related or not related to the current research.
  • Should be a scientific presentation, a 15 minutes presentation followed by 15 minutes Q&A.
  • The seminar will be held monthly, usually after the Graduate Council General Meetings.
  • Abstract should be submitted to Caleb Bunton (, at the latest a week before, so he can distribute the flyer/announcement to other students.
  • At least one, or two, sponsoring faculties will be attending. The current sponsoring faculty member are:  Dr. Peng Tao & Dr. Brian Zoltowski.
  • The speaker can personally invite other faculty members if he/she thinks necessary.
  • Presenting in the seminar is voluntary. If you are interested to give one, please contact Ashutosh Pudasaini (
  • Seminar evaluation form will be distributed to the audience, and will be given to the moderator/speaker at the end of the talk.