Funding Sources

List of Conference / Travel Fundings Available for the members of CGC:

The Chemistry Graduate Council (CGC) Grant

Thanks to our fundraising activities, CGC has limited funding for conference registration $200/person, one time only in their graduate tenure, which is typically the cost of registration for ACS’ National meetings.

In regards to active participation the council voted to compensate the applicant by the percentage of participation. For example, if a student attends all CGC activities such as meetings (monthly) and Graduate Student Seminars, the student can claim 100% reimbursement of money for the registration costs. If the student participates at only half of the activities, then the student will only get 50% of reimbursement.

Participation percentile valid only for activities related to chemistry. Unavoidable absences with valid excuses are omitted from this restriction.

For more details, please contact Alexis Delgado (

The SMU Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) Funding

CGC Treasurer is a representative to the SMU Graduate Student Assembly (GSA). Up to $400.00 for conference-related or other (e.g. dissertation printings). This is once-a-semester application and pre-approval is recommended before applying for a conference.

For the application, please fill out these following forms, and return them to the CGC Treasurer:

For more informations, please refer to the GSA Bylaws (2017-revised) or contact Stephen Budy ( or Christina McConville (

The Department of Chemistry Travel Funding

Up to $1,000.00 one-time funding is available for third/fourth-year (or beyond) chemistry graduate students. For more details, please contact the department secretary, Mandy Graham ( or Dr. Elfi Kraka (, the department chair. Pre-approval is required.