CGC Wiki is Up!

The CGC Wiki has just been launched!

This wiki will be used as a mean of internal communications among the members. You will need to log-in with your SMU-ID. In this wiki, you can:

  1. Share informations, news, resources (e.g. your latest presentation slides to the Department, teaching slides, etc.)
  2. Initiate discussions or suggestions, regarding anything (chemistry, CGC activities, etc.)

You can do this simply by just creating new pages (click the blue button entitled “Create” at top left), and choose from the template the appropriate form of articles or threads.

Feel free to edit, as this is a wiki anyway.

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One Response to CGC Wiki is Up!

  1. Dani Setiawan says:

    More importantly we will put the link to the sign-up sheet for the Department of Chemistry Seminar Speaker Lunches in this wiki.

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