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Post a short description of the need (ex: Assistant Director needed for short film) production (My Sundance Film, a 10 min. dramedy about a unicorn and his boy), along with dates and contact information in any of the following categories:
•Crew calls
•Casting calls
•Equipment or Art Dept. needs

To create a post, follow the instructions below:
1.Navigate to: http://blog.smu.edu
2.Click the link for “All other blogs: Movable Type”
3.Login with your SMU ID and Password to set up a blog server account.
4.Upon signing in, you should see the Cast & Crew blog under My WebBlogs.
5.Click Create a new entry on this weblog to create a post.
6.Once created, choose Published under Status and click Save to post your entry.

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Cast and Crew Test Post

SMU professor seeking talented editor for docu-drama. Post production began yesterday. Need rough cut in two days. Strong portfolio piece potential. Reply to lisa@smu.edu with experience and availability.

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