New gifts, including the one from Harold C. Simmons and Annette Caldwell Simmons ’57, are supporting The Second Century Campaign goal of ensuring that SMU has at least 100 endowed faculty positions. Faculty endowments play a crucial role in helping SMU attract and retain top experts. The current number of endowed faculty positions is 93, with 31 having been added thus far during the campaign.

Endowed Professor and Institute Director

A $1 million gift from SMU Trustee and former Board Chair Ruth Collins Altshuler ’48 has created the first endowed faculty position in the new Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute.

The Ruth Collins Altshuler Professor and Director of the Interdisciplinary Institute honors the goals of two close friends of Mrs. Altshuler: SMU Board Chair Caren H. Prothro, who during her tenure has emphasized the importance of creating new faculty positions; and Nancy McMillan Dedman ’50, whose family provided the endowment that created the Interdisciplinary Institute and provided numerous other gifts to SMU.

Endowed Chair in Art History

John B. Kleinheinz and Marsha Kleinheinz ’83

John B. Kleinheinz and Marsha Kleinheinz ’83

A $1.5 million gift from the Kleinheinz Family Endowment for the Arts and Education will establish an endowed chair in the Division of Art History in Meadows School of the Arts.

The Kleinheinz Family Endowment is a private charitable foundation supported by John B. Kleinheinz and Marsha Kleinheinz ’83. Their daughter, Marguerite ’12, graduated from Meadows School of the Arts with a bachelor’s degree in art history.

“We are very impressed with Marguerite’s experience at the Meadows School and SMU,” said Marsha Kleinheinz, president of the Kleinheinz Family Endowment. “Meadows Dean José Bowen has made great progress during his tenure. We want to support the future of the University that is so important to our family.”