The renovated Mack Grand Ballroom boasts a range of new features, including energy-efficient windows that enable light to spill in during daytime.

The ballroom in Umphrey Lee Center has been the site of dinners, receptions and other University events for more than half a century. Now, a generous donation from Martha Proctor Mack ’41 has made possible the first complete renovation of the space since its opening in 1955.

The rededicated Martha Proctor Mack Grand Ballroom has been revitalized to meet the increasing need for a premium space to serve as the site for the University’s most prestigious events. The ballroom boasts a range of new features. Contemporary seating, updated heating and air conditioning and state-of-the-art audio/visual systems ensure visitors’ comfort and enhance the space’s functionality. New energy-efficient windows enable light to spill in during daytime, while evening light is provided in part by silver chandeliers that can be raised and lowered from the coffered ceiling for maintenance. Detailed Georgian architectural crown molding and brackets finish the room.

Other events held in the ballroom over the years include dinners and receptions associated with the internationally recognized Willis M. Tate Distinguished Lecture Series, community programs such as the Hart Global Leaders Forum and major University announcements.

Encouraged by her lifelong friend and SMU Trustee Ruth Altshuler ’48, alumna Martha Proctor Mack has generously helped SMU restore a monument of history and created a new place to gather, learn and celebrate.