Order of the Barristers

What is the Order of the Barristers?

Order of Barristers, is earned by demonstrating one’s advocacy skills in competitions and one’s dedication to promoting advocacy through service. Each law school graduating class across the country is allowed to select up to ten students from its graduating class to join this prestigious society of top advocates.

This national honor is one of the few that will make its way onto your office wall and firm profile. The SMU BOA is authorized to administer the requirements for earning entry into the Order of Barristers.

Simply put, the Order “provides national recognition for individuals who have excelled in advocacy and service at their respective schools. Schools having chapters in the Order include those nationally recognized for outstanding moot court programs and for successful participation in regional, national, and international interscholastic moot court competitions.”

Becoming a Barrister

The Order of Barristers is a prestigious society, similar to the Order of the Coif, awarded to up to 10 Board of Advocate members that have attained the Master level. To qualify as a Master member of the Board of Advocates and be able to apply for this honor, you must earn BOA points by competing and serving.

Master-level BOA students apply for the Order of Barristers at the end of their last spring semester.

Voting members of the SMU Law faculty select ten applicants for the Order from those students who submit an application. Names are sent to the National Order of Barristers in April or May.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students are selected?
A maximum of ten (10) Barristers are selected each year from the graduating class.

Who selects the students?
A faculty committee meets in the spring of each year to select students who are within six (6) months of graduation (i.e.,). Only graduating students or recent grads are eligible.

What recognition is received?
Barristers will receive a certificate, gold and white graduation cords, the Barristers medallion, may order a statute of Justice, and are recognized at annual law school banquet or other awards ceremony.

What does it cost?
There is no fee. However, should a recipient choose to do so, ordering the optional statue of Justice is $180.00.

How can I maximize my chances of being selected?
Realize that you are competing for a maximum of ten (10) spots. Begin building your advocacy “résumé” now. Participate in as many events as you can.

To better prepare you for what the faculty committee is looking for, the following is the information you will be asked to provide on the Order of Barristers Application:

1. Personal Information
2. Intrascholastic competitions
3. Interscholastic competition teams
4. Other advocacy-related activities

How can I apply?
The Order of Barristers Application will be posted on this site sometime during the Spring Semester of each year.



Past Order of the Barristers Honorees

2014 Graduating Class:


Left to right: Ryan Segall, Michael Hewitt, Chris Lambert, Kelsey Pollard, Zein Jivani, Will Tran, Patrick Kennedy, Austin Teng, and Heather Venrick Davis.

2013 Graduating Class:

Back row (left to right): Scott Courtney, Justin Wheeler, Tim Springer, Chris Klement, Alison Ayrea, Jonathan Koh

Front row (left to right): Brittany Litaker, Tyler Levy, Natasha Combs, Laurel Brewer

2012 Graduating Class:

Derric Smith, Joshua Luke Sandoval, Natasha Smiley Fedorov, Brent Douglas Hockaday, Bennett J. Rawicki, Laura Leslie Cox, John Clayton Sokatch, Stacy L. Cole, Melissa Jo Parker and Steven Gregory Strobl

2011 Graduating Class:

Ann R. Chao, Farbod Farnia, Nicole Hay, Jamie Lauren Jackman, Roy McKay, Nathan Rogers, Erin Rolstad, Jeremy Lane Shipp, Jamie Sorley, Elizabeth Mills Viney

2010 Graduating Class:

Aubrey Colvard, Adam Doupe, Gemma Galeoto, Camille Myra McCluer, Rwan Saffarini, Matthew Herzog, Colin Newberry, David Overcash, Amy Richards, Jonathan Michael Thomas

2009 Graduating Class:

Dustin Appel, Liz Austin, Ward Davison, Stephanie Gonzales, Jessica Henson, John Kane, Steve Lecholop, Robert Luyties, Scott Rewak and Bill Richmond

2008 Graduating Class:

Amber Billingsley, Erin Martin, Rob Bogdanowicz, Stephanie Glass Ernst, Danielle Senn, Christopher Simmons, Rachael Stringer, Andrea Bouressa, Nick Bruce, and Christopher Meyers

2007 Graduating Class:
Liz Boydston, Susannah Chester, Trey Crawford, Kaimi Excobar, Duane Galligher, Hilary Lefko, Michael Ma, Beth Perry, Josh Somers, Rebecca Tillery