Dallas Kid’s Project

What is the Dallas Kid’s Project?

The Dallas Kid’s Project is a mock trial competition designed for elementary school kids.  The mock trial competition is performed exclusively by elementary school students who act as the attorneys, witnesses, and bailiffs for the trial. A judge will preside over the case, and a six-person jury comprised of law students will determine the outcome. The program is held semi-annually.

SMU law students serve as mentors and coach elementary school students from the Dallas metroplex.  The mentors work with the kids one hour a week for three weeks to teach them the basics of a civil lawsuit and courtroom procedure and to help them write their arguments for the competition.

How to Participate

Any law school student may apply to be a mentor. Applications are typically distributed towards the beginning of each semester and announced in the all-law announcements. Law students are also needed to serve as jurors on the day of the trial. Participating law students may receive BOA points or public service hours for participating. Typically a law school professor, attorney, or judge presides over the competition as a judge.

Any questions? Email Randee Williams-Koeller at eklynch@smu.edu.