View Your Approved Points

The BOA is currently working on a document to help calculate your points earned from Fall 2019 to the present. Expect an update via email sometime soon.

Points Audit Each Semester

Please remember that we are continuing to use a points audit deadline each semester. This means you must check your BOA points from the prior semester by a specific date. After the deadline, all points from the previous semester are locked in.

If you plan to apply for Order of the Barristers, it is essential to keep track of your own BOA points. Implementation of bi-annual audit deadlines ensures accountability in doing so. Additionally, the deadlines help to prevent last-minute point disputes.

If you see any errors in your point summary or total, please contact the Membership Director.

If you would like to request a detailed point history at any time, you may do so. Please email the Membership Director to make that request.

Click here if you have any questions on how points are calculated.