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Each April, the Executive Board is selected by the previous Board after an interview and application process. Those selected take on a year-long commitment to organize, administer, and support advocacy learning. If you are interested in becoming a BOA Director or Executive Board member, please look for an email during the mid-spring for more detailed information on the interview and application process.

Click here for a detailed list of officer descriptions: BOA Officer Descriptions 2019-2020

Interested in joining the BOA or looking for general information?

Executive Board

Questions or concerns about the BOA? Please contact one of our Executive Board members listed below. 

Position Name Email
Chair Michael Creme
Vice-Chair of Administration Roslyn Dubberstein
Vice-Chair of Student Affairs Kathryn Monroe
Vice-Chair of On-Campus Competitions Andrew Gray
Vice-Chair of Off-Campus Advocacy & Finances Autumn Keefer
Vice-Chair of Off-Campus Appellate Advocacy & Finances Michael Pipkin

Administration Branch

Position Name Email
Membership Director Ashley Rich
Technology Director Stephen Antalis
Public Relations Director – Social Media Sydney Sadler
Public Relations Director – Branding Raheela Ahsan
Merchandise Director Julianna Infanzon

Student Affairs Branch

Position Name Email
Social Director Jennifer Lamb
Social Director Patrick McGuire
Alumni Director Courtney Hall
Orientation & Workshop Director Angelique Lee
Dallas Kids Project Director Bre Boss
Dallas Kids Project Director Elishiba Maina
Dallas Kids Project Director Chris Thomson

On-Campus Branch

Position Name Email
On-Campus Director Nikki Britten
On-Campus Director Katie Frisbie
On-Campus Director Andrew Gray
On-Campus Director Clark Martin
On-Campus Director Kelly Neal
On-Campus Director Trent Koen
On-Campus Director James Peacock
On-Campus Director Nick Toufexis
Judge Recruitment Director Blake Glatstein
Judge Recruitment Director Savannah Seiler
Attorney Outreach Jacob Mathew
Hosting Director Blair Beene

Off-Campus Advocacy Branch

Position Name Email
Tryout/Shadow Program Director Haley Caradonna
Off-Campus Director Madie Arcemont
Off-Campus Director Drew Baker
Off-Campus Director Christina Ta
Reimbursement Director Frankie Picone

Off-Campus Appellate Advocacy Branch

Position Name Email
Tryout/Shadow Program Director Mark Streiff
Off-Campus Director Andrew Drott
Off-Campus Director David Kruger
Off-Campus Director Paxton Moore
Reimbursement Director Alex Ferrer