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2017-2018 BOA Executive Council

Each April, the Executive Council is selected by the previous Council after an interview and application process. Those selected take on a year-long commitment to helping organize, administer, and support advocacy learning. If you are interested in becoming an officer, please look for an email during the mid-spring for more detailed information on the interview and application process. Click here for a detailed list of officer descriptions: BOA Officer Descriptions 2018-2019

Questions or comments? Please contact the Chair or one of the Vice Chairs.
Need general information? Email
If you are interested in joining the BOA? Email

Executive Committee

Position Name Email
Chair Briana Blackman
Vice-Chair of Off-Campus Appellate Advocacy Adrian Galvan
Vice-Chair of On-Campus Charles Entsminger
Vice-Chair of Off-Campus Advocacy Austin Hamby
Vice-Chair of Student Affairs Nikki Britten
Vice-Chair of Administration Kristina Smith

Administration Branch

Position Name Email
Public Relations Director Karina Rambeau
Merchandise Director Madeleine Rosuck
Membership Director Ashley Rich
Technology Director Stephen Antalis

Off-Campus Advocacy Branch

Position Name Email
Tryout/Shadow Program Director Nicole Feragen
Off-Campus Director Cecilia Jimenez
Off-Campus Director Jet McGuire
Off-Campus Director Alesha Nichols

Off-Campus Appellate Advocacy Branch

Position Name Email
Tryout/Shadow Program Director Gina Mills
Off-Campus Director Marissa Boulanger
Off-Campus Director Faith Castillo
Off-Campus Director Nicole Heydari
Reimbursement Director Alen Samuel

On-Campus Branch

Position Name Email
On-Campus Director Derek Christensen
On-Campus Director Michael Creme
On-Campus Director James Peacock
On-Campus Director Michael Pipkin
On-Campus Director Elizabeth Tillman
On-Campus Director Kaylee Vanstory
On-Campus Director Nelson Wu
Judge Recruitment Director Harley Jones
Judge Recruitment Director Colin Phillips
Judge Recruitment Director Jay Spring

Student Affairs Branch

Position Name Email
Social Director Makenzie Craft
Social Director Roslyn Dubberstein
Social Director Stacy Reeves
Alumni Director Justin Shelton
Alumni Director Grayson Williams
Orientation Director Gracen Daniel
Orientation Director Ashley Miller
Workshop Director Kyle Mason
Dallas Kids Project Director Kelsey Aubrey
Dallas Kids Project Director Lauren Pfieffer