On-Campus Fall Mock Trial Competition

Congratulations to our Fall 2022 On-Campus Mock Trial Competition winners, Ali Thorburn, and Tyler Mayer!

Who Can Participate?

  • ONLY 2Ls and 3Ls can compete–they may also serve as a bailiff or witness.
  • Any 1L can volunteer to be a witness or bailiff.

What Is The Competition Format?

  • The competition will be a “Top-Gun” style competition, which will focus on four of the basic elements of a jury trial: opening, direct, cross, and closing. Each team will consist of two members and will choose two of the four parts of the trial to perform in the rotation. Each advocate must (1) either an opening or a close; and (2) either the direct or the cross. The same advocate may not present both statements and both examinations.
  • Each element will be broken up into a separate room, with the exception of direct and cross, which will occur in the same room. Each competitor will have ten minutes to perform the element of that room. After fifteen minutes, competitors will rotate into the next room.
  • Because competitors will rotate through all of the rooms simultaneously, a competitor’s progression through the rooms may not match the conventional order of a trial. For example, one competitor may start with cross-examination, and then move through the rotation all the way through direct.
  • Note: If you are interested in competing, please contact Tyler Mayer at tmayer@smu.edu.