Off-Campus Competition Teams

Meet the Fall 2021 Competition Teams!

Alternate Dispute Resolution Teams

ABA Arbitration
Randee Williams Koeller
Kevin Lee
John Hunter Ralston
Michael Schluterman
Jason Tams
Coached by Stephanie Gonzales

ABA Negotiations
Joseph Mason Castaldo
Floy Gaidarski
Makenzie Howard
Eryka Mendoza
Kevin Sheneberger
Omer Siddiqui
Coached by Cierra “August” Norris and Tom Webb

Mock Trial Teams

ABA Labor & Employment Team 1
Ariana Erfani
Max Gaddy
Christopher Monsivais
Taylor Nkollo
Alex Romo
Coached by Andrew Gray and Paul Nguyen

ABA Labor & Employment Team 2
Kayla Bright
Audrey Hatcher
Linda Luaces
Emma Lynch
Lauren Villanueva
Coached by Catherine Schneider and Courtney Sines

Civil Rights
Uchenna Abakwue
Carmel Abuzaid
Shereen Baig
Michael McCluskey
Amy Nguyen
Amber Ward
Coached by Gracen Daniels and Chris Klement

In Vino Veritas
Sydney Brown
Dylan Freeman
Gwendowlyn Johnson
Storm Lineberger
Elizabeth Nielson
Reese York
Coach by Robbie Crabtree and Tyler Eaton

San Diego Defense
Daniel Bundy
Colleen Collins
Madison Huerta
Ashley Hutcheson
Abigail Walker
Coached by Ali Hinkley, Autumn Keefer, Colin Powell, Sara Reams, and Allison Reppond

Moot Court Teams

ALA Moot Court
Morgan Craft
Sarah Ghaffari
Emil Meintjes
Ruan Meintjes
Meredith Palmer
Victoria Smiegocki
Coached by Sarah-Michelle Stearns and Charles North

Emory Civil Rights & Liberties
Nicholas Curley
Tyler Freeman
N. Andrew Killian
Coached by Courtney Capshaw and Rebecca Neumann

Mack Kidd
Samuel Calkins
Joy Hetrick
Tahir Naqvi
Rachel Post
Caroline Rao
Luc Whyte
Coached by Ryan Jones and Katherine Handy

National Criminal Procedure
Mary Liz King
Walker Smith
Julien Tagnon
Aaron Waters
Coached by Chelsea McHenry

National Moot Court
Douglass Brown
Pearce Illmer
Marisa Thompson
Coached by Lance Caughfield and Haleigh Jones

Thomas Tang
Raneen Abdelghani
Kaleb Degler
Kaci Jones
Michael Vuong
Coached by Hanna Kim, Emily Liu, Meyling Ly-Ortiz, Jacob Matthew, Christina Ta, Austin Teng, and Will Tran

TYLA State Moot Court
Mary Liz King
Jacob Mathew
Julien Tagnon
Coached by Lance Caughfield and Haleigh Jones

Wechsler First Amendment
Aidan Moffat
Krista Thompson
Coached by Ryan Seay