LEARN: Advocate Education Series (AES)

About the Series

The Board of Advocates’ Advocacy Education Series (AES) is a collection of seminars designed to provide all students with an opportunity to learn about a particular type of event before the event occurs. For 1Ls especially, the seminars are very helpful.

During each seminar, students will receive: (1) an engaging lesson from an attorney or faculty member on the particular type of advocacy in the upcoming competition, (2) a student/lecturer demonstration of the competition format and styles, (3) information on how to sign up to compete in the related competition.

Resource Library

How to Signup for Tryout Time Slots Video 

How To Sign Up for Tryout Slots

Mock Trial Tutorial Videos

Full Playlist

  1. Welcome to Mock Trial
  2. Pre-Trial Procedure
  3. Brief Evidence Tutorial
  4. How to Approach a Problem
  5. Opening Statement
  6. Direct Examination
  7. Cross-Examination
  8. Closing Argument
Negotiations Competition

Fall 2021 AES

Voir Dire Competition

Fall 2017 AES Video 1 of 2 | Fall 2017 AES Video 2 of 2