1L Closing Argument

Stay tuned for our Spring 2024 competition dates!

About The Competition

This is a great opportunity to prepare a closing argument and get feedback from our judges before tryouts in the Spring, as well as gain advocacy experience as a 1L! The 1L Closing Argument Competition will be held in Spring 2023. There will be a mandatory AES held before the competition. Stay tuned for the dates!


Who is eligible to compete?
  • Only 1Ls are eligible to compete in this competition
  • This competition is limited to 32 competitors, so failure to sign-up quickly may prevent you from participating. You can sign up to bailiff as well, in the event that you don’t get a spot.
When will I get the competition problem?
  • The problem for this competition is to write a closing argument for any side in the following cases:
    • Pierson v. Post
    • Katko v. Briney
    • Regina v. Dudley Stevens
  • It is your choice as to which issue in any of the above cases you would like to write on; you also get to choose which side you argue for.
  • Participants are only required to do (1) closing argument for all three rounds, however, they are welcome to perform multiple closings from different cases throughout the day.
What is the format of the competition?
  • Each room will have up to 5 competitors and a panel of judges.
  • Each competitor will present their argument before the panel.
  • You have a maximum of 6 minutes to present and will receive 4 minutes of feedback after their presentation; bailiffs will keep time.
  • There will be two Preliminary Rounds in the morning, and the Final Round (of 4 students) will be in the afternoon.


Any 3L student with advocacy experience can judge. BOA directors and students on off-campus teams are especially encouraged to sign up.


If you have any questions regarding this competition, please email Remington Giller at rgiller@smu.edu.