Severe weather alert [5.28.2024]

[10:32 a.m.] We understand that many of you may be dealing with power outages, increased traffic, downed tree limbs, and localized flooding on roadways, following this morning’s storm. Your safety is important. While campus is operating normally, if you are unable to safely get to campus, please notify your supervisor. More storms are forecasted. Check your local media for weather updates.

[10:15 a.m.] Immediate storm threats have passed. Clean up continues. If traveling, please do so safely. More storms are forecasted.

[7:40 a.m.] Severe Weather continues. SMU is operating normally. Commute to campus when safe to do so. Watch for debris & flooding.

[7:00 a.m.] Flash Flood Warning till 11 am. Watch for debris, high water on commute to campus. Report damage to Facilities. Check back here often for updates.

[6:51 a.m.] A severe thunderstorm warning remains in effect for Dallas County until 7: 30 a.m. A flash flood warning remains in effect for Dallas County until 11 a.m.

[6:31 a.m.] Severe Weather in the DFW area. Shelter immediately. Stay home until safe to travel. 80+ MPH winds reported near SMU. Check back soon for more information.

Current Conditions:

Remember, there is a difference between a watch and a warning

The outdoor warning siren system on SMU’s campus is activated by the City of University Park in the event of tornados, high winds, or other emergencies. Learn More

Here are some safety measures to take during a tornado warning, depending upon your location:

  • Go into a building and find a safe room or designated Tornado Shelter Areas
  • If a designated space is not available:
    • Go to the lowest possible level in a building
    • Move away from glass windows, exterior walls and doors
    • Move to hallways that are at the center or most interior part of the building
    • Move to restrooms without an exterior wall

On-campus residents who need additional information or support should contact an area desk at Virginia-Snider (214-768-2230) or Armstrong at (214-768-5062) or contact the on-call staff.