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Maira Siddiqui and 3 Creative Entrepreneurs

Sattar Buksh  Sattar Buksh (Sat-tar Bux-sch) is a Pakistani restaurant/café and merchandise seller based on indigenous Pakistani art and “the common, wise man on the street who has a strong entitled opinion on

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Sterling Gaviniski Interviews Creative Entrepreneurs

The following interviews and anlayses are by Sterling Gavinski, student at SMU. Brent Martone Interview Brent Martone is the vocalist and guitarist of Buffalo, New York pop punk/ emo quartetHead North. On the side, Brent also is the co-founder of … Continue reading

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Student Arts Entrepreneur: Sterling Gavinski & The Happy Alright

This summer, the band will be writing new music and continue to hit up their new nationwide fan base alongside other prominent touring acts (announcements coming soon). Sterling says, “I’m very aware that good things come as a result of hard work and discipline, and The Happy Alright is… Continue reading

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Interviews: Brian Mazzaferri, Dylan Russell, Andrew Nielsen (aka MC Lars)

In this post, you will find three interviews with three entrepreneurs. They were created to reflect on the possible parallel between entrepreneurship and the mythic structure of the journey of the hero, as articulated by Joseph Campbell. These interviews were … Continue reading

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