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Powerful Tools for Arts Entrepreneurs

Today’s arts entrepreneurs now have the potential to develop and communicate with an audience pieced together, representing cultures across the globe. One may develop a pocket of interest in Canada, while at the same time having a loyal audience in … Continue reading

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Artists: Natural Entrepreneurs?

“My second conclusion is that attributes of creative individuals and attributes of entrepreneurs are so similar that even attempting to define a set of predetermined characteristics is a futile exercise”. (1) This is such a great quote and I would further … Continue reading

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New Video: Interview with Scott Debus

Check out the latest Meadows Youtube Channel interview with Scott Debus, in which Debus speaks about making a living as an Arts Entrepreneur and working outside the system. The Meadows Youtube Channel offers a variety of voices from the field … Continue reading

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Teaching Arts Entrepreneurship: Competing Lemonade Stands

Students in the class Attracting Capital, are creating lemonade stands as a learning model this Friday before the front entrance of Meadows School of the Arts. But these are not going to be just lemonade stands, but competing brands. Moreover, … Continue reading

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Audio Interview With Annmaria Mazzini, Meadows Alum

In this interview, Annmaria Mazzini discusses the difficulty of transitioning out of her dance career, a fourteen year company member of the Paul Taylor Dance Company. Due to an injury, Mazzini is forced to find other creative vehicles and discover … Continue reading

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Fear Makes The Wolf Bigger Than He Is

This old German proverb hits the nail on the head. Fear is the great mind number. This emotion, more often than not, is the greatest obstacle that prevents us from achieving our goals, dreams and potential. What this means is

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No Plan Survives First Contact

There is an old military expression that say, “No plan survives first contact.” What this means to me is that we can plan and plan and plan, but once we engage at least one other person, plans change. This is … Continue reading

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Burn Your Boat.

If you are toying with engaging in a new lifestyle, career, artistic endeavor or life opportunity, I urge you to say yes. But, if you decide to instigate this process of change in your life,

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The Artist as Teaching Artist

Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” When one can articulate the concepts of their craft, regardless of complexity, and do so in such a way that a child might understand it, one … Continue reading

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