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Danielle Deraleau Speaks with Entrepreneurs

…you write it down and say it out loud it makes it much clearer for you to follow than if it was just in your head. It becomes more “real” and more attainable. Even now, whenever I have any idea, I make little goals here and there. Continue reading

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They Myth of Scarcity

Many artists and would-be entrepreneurs get stuck at the money. They perceive they don’t have any or other necessary resources by which to produce self-generated work. Many an idea has died there, which is a shame. It’s a shame, considering … Continue reading

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Video: Nadia Sirota on Starting Out

Check out this video, which is one of a series of videos that will be released through the Arts Entrepreneurship Resource Page on the Meadows School of the Arts website. This first video in this video series is Nadia Sirota. … Continue reading

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