Meadows Students’ Endeavors

This is a list of currently identified Meadows and/or Arts Entrepreneurship students and recent alumni who are offering services in the market (120 of them). There are more, which I plan to add to this list over time. This list includes independent contractors/sole proprietors, LLC’s, nonprofits and other legal structures. Please take a moment to click-through a sampling of their websites and see how dynamic and entrepreneurial our creatives and artists are at Meadows School of the Arts.

Cezanne Quartet Bridge the Gap Website

Bridge the Gap Chamber Players

Jacob Estrada

Jonathan Valenzuela 

Blue Apollo, LLC 

Mary Anna Salo

Carson Wright 

Christy Skertchly 

Eliana Yi 

Cargo Collective 

Alix Singer/Rose Gold Designs

Helen Rieger 

The Happy Alright

Sam Butz 
The Happy Alright

Sean Hadeler 

Stejara Iulia Dinulescu Studio Art and Photography


Kuang Music 

MollieRue Photography

RC Hobby Shop


Kent Development Co., LLC

Chinese Students & Scholars Alliance of Texas

Center for Musical Minds

India Pougher

Samuel Kuang Soloist 


La Botana

NiikoClara McClain Classical Guitarist 

Stephanie Cham 

Helping Hand Drums 

Tiffany Jade Lu 

Erin Doyle 

Courtney Wilson Music 

Stampede A Capella

Sinful and Soulful Bakery 

Lisa Scott

Jonathan Valenzuela & James Tarbutton

Stampede A CapellaCaleb Hern 

Vinnie Mahal 

Mandy Milliot 

Kolby Clarke 

Lauren Claire 

Plutus21 Capital, LLC

Redstone House Press 

Studio Hop

Sydney Frodsham 

Julie Martinez

James Resch 

Michael Gonzalez

Elliot Johnston 

Griffin Camacho 

Esk Design 

Josua Abe Prawiromaruto 

Miranda Claire Art

Jay Appaji 

Matthew Wagner

Zeinab Aly 

Meadows Artist Bridge Profiles as of July 29, 2017 (Students are not listed below if presented above). The Meadows Artist Bridge serves to connect those Meadows students and recent alumni who wish to work professionally with those who wish to hire Meadows’ talent. Each student/recent alumni applied to take part and seek paid work. See for detailed information and filtered results.


Abigail Hawthorne

Lawson Malnory 

Julia Baca

Kipp C Brewer

Adele Carter

Stampede A Cappella

Dallas Asian Strings

Cezanne Quartet

Blue Apollo 


Samuel Park 

Clara McClain

Jonathan Hodges

Jonathan Valenzuela

Blair Duran

Abraham Lopez

Sydney Frodsham

Stephanie Cham

Tiffany Jade Lu

Joseph Bates

Tomlin Su

Ming-yuan Song

Kate Ranallo

Elleka Okerstrom

Madison Rice

Lizzy D’Apice

Alissa Roca

Courtney Y Wilson

Shelbi Herndon

Quntin Coleman

Roberto Reyna

Caroline Booth

Artejae Wright

Marissa Pyron

Nicole Daniels

Aaron Bunnell

Isaac Beu

Shilpa Kudva

Lauren Claire White

Annabelle Kim

Jeemini Lee

Nick German

Shelbi Herndon

Troy Tippawang

Selena Kim

Danny Jordan

Tim Pizzichemi

Elaine Whitmire

Miranda Macias

Film and Media Arts:

Cayla Simpson

Visual Voice Media

Ryan Blitzer

Joshua Oh

Creative Computation:

Esk Design

Amit Ratthore

Aurora Havens

Emely Villeda-Principe


Sift Digital Consulting

Lauren Lombardo

Eric Sedeno Designs

AJ Johnson

Alissa Llort

This post was created by Jim Hart, Interim Chair of  AMAE, Director of the Arts Entrepreneurship program and the Meadows Artist Bridge at Meadows School of the Arts, SMU.

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