Forbes Names SMU One of the Most Entrepreneurial Universities

In this article put out by Forbes, Southern Methodist University is ranked as the 14th most entrepreneurial university in America, just three spots behind Yale.

Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU is cited in the article. The report says, “An arts-entrepreneurship program is geared toward increasing the chances of making a living in the arts.”

This from Director of Arts Entrepreneurship, Jim Hart: “This honor stems from a team effort. We have a remarkable team–not only in our Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship department but remarkable colleagues and collaborators throughout SMU’s many colleges. Southern Methodist University (and Meadows School of the Arts) understands the value of entrepreneurship and the positive and life-changing role it can have for our students, culture and communities. Cross-campus initiatives at SMU are growing and developing annually and I would not be surprised to see SMU climb up in the rankings in the years to come. It’s a great time to be both a student and faculty member working with entrepreneurship at SMU.”

To read this Forbes article, Click HERE.

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