Simpatico: Artists and Entrepreneurs

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? What does it mean to be an artist?

To be an entrepreneur means you take risk for an idea you are passionate about in the hopes of making a living.

What does it mean to be an artist? It is to express oneself, one’s passion, taking risk with the hope of making a living.

To be an entrepreneur, one must understand their value and who they serve.

To be an artist, one creates value for others.

Entrepreneurs serve customers.

Artists serve an audience or customers.

Sometimes, an entrepreneur has to rise above the status quo and do what few others will.

Visionary artists do so regularly.

Entrepreneurs collaborate with others.

So do dancers, actors, musicians, and those serving anything larger than themselves.

Jobs are created by entrepreneurs.

Artists create jobs for themselves (and often others).

Culture is created within the entrepreneur’s business.

Artists are culture creators. History defines a people by its art.

Entrepreneurs create. They create jobs, opportunity, business, economic stimulus.

Artists create experience, aesthetics, jobs, art and economic stimulus.

Entrepreneurs drive world economies.

Artists drive world culture.

Entrepreneurs adapt regularly, promoting change.

Artists are change makers.

Entrepreneurs create “something” out of nothing.

Artists create from nothing and make something.

When the two merge, artistry and entrepreneurship, culture creates economic stimuli.

Artists make a living and promote change.

Arts Entrepreneurship: Behaving entrepreneurially within the arts.

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