SMU’s Allison Beck on Arts Management and Art Entrepreneurship

Allison Beck, Meadows and AMAE student, had her article “On the Path toward Arts Management” published in the SMU campus paper on April 12. Allison had this to say about Meadows’ faculty and Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship classes:

The amount of personal thought and attention given to each student at Meadows is remarkable. For me, in addition to Dr. Alan Wagner, other supportive faculty include Professor James Hart, Professor Melissa Murray and Professor Susan Benton Bruning. Without their guidance, I would have found myself straying from both my passion and ambitions. AMAE 4390: Developing an Arts Venture Plan and AMAE 3387: Attracting Capital helped me discover the entrepreneur in myself, because as a manager or as a musician, entrepreneurial skills are necessary for success. The pitch contest (one of the main projects of AMAE 3387) and prior practice from Meadows’ First-year Arts Community Experience (FACE) prepared me for the Forté conference and I was complimented on my 30-second elevator pitch by one of the Forté directors. Professor Murray has connected me to the executive directors of Dallas Chamber Music Society and Bridge the Gap Chamber Players, both nonprofits for which I am currently working, thanks to her. Professor Bruning also sparked a new interest that I did not know I had: arts and entertainment law.

The full article can be READ HERE.

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