Interview with Smoot Carter, Entrepreneur

Blownaway is an on-demand beauty service — Uber meets Drybar — that connects a client with a stylist. We bring beauty to your door.

Then the first question I have for you is: Did you have a business plan when you started your business? Why or why not?

We had pro forma projections, an investment deck and an overall plan for the launch and rollout lined up and planned out. This helped us to raise $400,000 in capital to launch the business with. Having a plan is essential, but being adaptable is important.

Second, do you think business plans are necessary for entrepreneurship? Why or why not?

Having a 20-25 page business plan isn’t totally necessary, but a 15-25 slide PowerPoint deck helps to shape the look, feel and plan… And a very succinct one-page Executive Summary really helps you shape the concept. Use systems like Flow ( to break tasks down into certain areas (Accounting, Fundraising, Development and Design, Marketing) and organize and execute on plans accordingly. 

And lastly, what three pieces of advice can you offer developing arts entrepreneurs?

Arts entrepreneurs…. So I assume that would be graphic design and art world entrepreneurs…

From a graphic design perspective, get involved in projects you are passionate about… Don’t go and help every single person that will pay you to design for them. Entrepreneurs respect someone who is vested.

Turn your creativity into a business. Build a brand and a reputation for polished work. Market your brand aggressively and you will see results. Make connections and be creative with the strengths and the law of weak links.. Basically that two people that you didn’t know could build something awesome together can…

For any business, be always aware of cash flow. If it is investment that you’ve raised or revenue coming in, think and be aware of cash flow day-to-day because cash is king.

Interview with Chase McConville, student in Developing an Arts Venture Plan, Arts Entrepreneurship at Meadows School of the Arts, SMU.

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  1. aandre s says:

    Turn your creativity into a business, it’s a word that can be a inspiring for me and all

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