Interview with Danielle Deraleau, Entrepreneur

Interview with Danielle Deraleau, Owner of Danielle Deraleau Photography

By Sara Carraway

SC: Did you have a business plan when you started your business? 

DD: Not exactly. I kind of figured it out as I went along (how much to charge, how to pay my assistant, etc.) I took a lot of advice from my professors to help me figure it out.

SC: Do you think business plans are necessary for entrepreneurship? 

DD: I think so! If you don’t have one, everything can turn into a hot mess really fast. I think in general it’s good to have an idea of what you’re trying to do and have a plan to do it.

SC: What three pieces of advice would you offer aspiring entrepreneurs?

DD: Well, for one, I think you need to be really passionate about whatever you’re trying to do. It’s likely that there’s going to be ups and downs with it, so if you don’t love it sometimes you might be discouraged about carrying on with it. On that note, getting discouraged does happen, so be prepared to deal with that! And lastly, take advice from people that have your best interest in mind and want to see you succeed. Sometimes they have great ideas.

Interview by Sara Carraway, student of Developing an Arts Venture Plan, Meadows School of the Arts, Arts Entrepreneurship 

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