Interview With Hilary Wallace

What is the name of your business and what do you do/sell?

I have three businesses right now: Art by Hilary Wallace, Hilary Wallace Photography, and Custom Shoes by Hilary Wallace. Art by Hilary Wallace is a compilation of the artwork I have made since high school. This includes personal work and schoolwork. Hilary Wallace Photography consists of photographs I have taken for years now. Custom Shoes by Hilary Wallace is shoes I have painted and drawn for myself and for friends. I haven’t made any real money yet doing these things, but as I progress after college I hope to make money through all of my hobbies and have many career paths.

Was getting it started very difficult or did it seem overwhelming to you?

For me it was simple: start a page on Facebook. After that, I just started creating. Once I start progressing more I know I’ll need to become an LLC and deal with the legalities of starting my own business, but luckily I have family who know a lot about the business world and the paper work that comes with it. For now, I am just focusing on my college career and figuring out where to start after graduation. Hopefully, I will be working at Pixar or excelling in graduate school.

Have you ever experienced emotions such as fear, doubt, or uncertainty in the process that you were able to overcome?

I experience these emotions everyday like any normal human, especially being someone so close to graduating college. I don’t truly know if any of my endeavors will someday turn into an actual career, but those around me support me. I know I will never be truly happy unless I am creating and doing what I love every day.

What sorts of obstacles have you encountered during the process of forming and/or running your business? – How do you deal with tough obstacles?

For me it is all about the audience I am reaching through my social networking. Right now, my clientele is limited to mostly family and friends, but one day I hope people all over the world will be ordering prints of my work and asking for a pair of my shoes. I am young. I am a student. Hopefully my entrepreneurship class I am enrolled in for next semester will help me a lot.

Do you believe that the business process has transformed you? If so, how?

Seeing other people make a living off of doing the various things I want to be doing is very reassuring. Knowing that I can be happy with my career, be independent, and excel in all the things I love to do while make a living off of them is the best feeling in the world.

Interview conducted by Christopher Pawlowski, student at SMU

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