Ever thought about blogging?

Imagine a blank canvas.

This canvas can hold pictures, videos, dreams, imaginings, visions, philosophy, general thoughts or anything else the creator wants their canvas to be. Blogs are a great way for one to find their voice. When one creates regularly, they quickly come to discover what they want to say and what they have to talk about.

When an artist figures out their voice, they find their optimal way of communicating.

When one finds their optimal form of communication, one can communicate very effectively.

Finding one’s own voice is the greatest tool an artist can have.

Blogging can help one find their voice.


Because blogging is a blank canvas.

When one gets past the initial fear of social judgement, which often comes with the onset of a creative process, then one really starts to create.

With repetition of creation, one gains momentum.

With momentum comes opportunity.

Blogging is a great way to define yourself as an expert in a topic and is a great way to create community. The internet is the world-wide web. Today, one has opportunity to create a world-wide following, comprised of the audience of their choosing.

So, do you have a blog? If not, consider starting one today.

This blog is on a WordPress platform. WordPress is a flexible and robust application and can do well via Google search rankings. Though for most it will require a small learning curve, that curve is not that steep and can afford the writer/creator a remarkable tool of expression.

Jim Hart

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