Winner of Arts Entrepreneur Pitch Contest

We have a Winner of both the annul Pitch Contest in the class Attracting Capital, but

Winner of The Marble Game

Winner of The Marble Game

also The Marble Game. Jordan Barnett, Senior Arts Entrepreneurship student, has won both contests this year. See Jordan’s video interview on how she traded up from a single glass marble to over $1,600 in value.

In The Marble Game, students attempt to amass value from trading up. They begin with a marble and seek to see how much value they can acquire, which must be owned, not borrowed. In the end, all assets are given to the students’ nonprofit (501c3) of their choice so that they can liquidate the assets (sell for cash).

Check out Jordan Barnett’s process in trading up from a marble, through a series of trades, to over $1,600 in value.

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