Teaching Arts Entrepreneurship: Competing Lemonade Stands

Competing lemonade group B prepares for Friday's Lemonade Contest.

Competing lemonade group B prepares for Friday’s Lemonade Contest.

Students in the class Attracting Capital, are creating lemonade stands as a learning model this Friday before the front entrance of Meadows School of the Arts. But these are not going to be just lemonade stands, but competing brands. Moreover, those competing brands (there are two of them) must use the exact same ingredients as each other, so as to give no immediate product advantage, such as taste (in this game, it is assumed that both brands are of quality and are competitors). The products they are selling must be identical, with the exception of how they are branded and bartered for.

Students are competing in groups to amass the largest amount of resources from lemonade customers. Adding a bit of trickiness to the equation: students cannot accept money for lemonade, but must barter for goods/objects from customers. The goal is to amass far more value than what was spent in the process.


  1. As a group, design a brand and sales strategy to effectively compete
  2. Tables are to be designed and ready for business upon the start of class Friday 12pm in front of Meadows
  3. Your Company must compete in direct vicinity of the other (such as facing each other)
  4. Convince customers to trade goods of value for lemonade (not cash)
  5. Attempt to amass more value than spent in costs and attempt to beat the other group


At the end of the contest, the winning group is the one that has accumulated the largest

Meadows School of the Arts

Meadows School of the Arts

estimated cash value in assets on this day. In doing so, they become “Champions” for the day.

Coming Up:

Just before Thanksgiving, The Marble Game completes. At that time, students of Attracting Capital will combine gathered resources and then donate their goods to 2 local nonprofits of the students’ choice. The intent is that the nonprofit then be able to sell the goods for their cash value.

Attracting Capital is one of the required courses in the Minors of both Arts Entrepreneurship and Arts Management at Meadows School of the Arts (SMU).

By Jim Hart

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