New Arts Entrepreneurship Youtube Channel

Check out our new Arts Entrepreneurship Youtube Channel. Subscribe Today.

Check out our new Arts Entrepreneurship Youtube Channel. Subscribe Today.

Meadows has a new Arts Entrepreneurship Youtube Channel.

In this academic season, a number of arts entrepreneurs, academics in the field and those working with entrepreneurs (such as an IP Lawyer), have been video interviewed and asked to speak about the topic of Arts Entrepreneurship and offer tips.

The range of people is varied. In this video series, we wanted to hear from the “workaday artists”, as well as those more established and experienced. We wanted to hear from those who may not necessarily be famous, but who are making a living from their creativity, artistry and entrepreneurship. These “from the trenches” voices offer a real-time perspective that is likely in line with the realities many of our students will face upon graduation. You will hear from some of the leading academicians in the field and gain their perspective as to the importance of this field and its growth. They will address if entrepreneurship can be taught and other timely topics. We will also hear from an IP lawyer who has a side job, labor of love, which is a nonprofit dedicated to aiding artists with legal matters.

We hope you will enjoy this freely offered content of value and that you might take something away from what each of these remarkable people have to say. Please subscribe today. It’s free to do so. Meadows Arts Entrepreneurship Youtube Channel

A new video will be released every two weeks. Subscribe today and get notification of when new video content goes live.

This video is of Nadia Sirota, acclaimed Violist and recent Meadows Prize winner, speaking about the arts entrepreneurship process and Just Starting Out.

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