Five Tips for Getting your Story Told

To build an arts business, you’ll need to use a range of tools to tell your story and connect with your community, including advertising, marketing and communications tools. You’ll also want to consider how to share your work with journalists who are covering your field in newspapers and magazines, on television and radio, and online in blogs or traditional news sources. A positive story in your local newspaper can give your enterprise credibility and attract potential clients. But in today’s very busy news environment, it can be a challenge for artists to connect with journalists and make the case that their work deserves news coverage. Here are a few tips:
FIVE Tips for Getting your Story Told
1.    What is your story? Can you express in 100 words what you are doing and why it matters to your community?  Your story has to be newsworthy. Here’s some good advice in Forbes Magazine.
2.    Pay attention to journalists in your region and what they are writing about. Who is writing about your area of expertise? Newspapers, magazines, radio, television, online – consider all media. Once you have done the research and found journalists who tell stories about your field, contact them by email and send them your pitch.
3.    If you don’t know which reporter to approach, you can consider sending your pitch by email to the editor who oversees the news section that is most relevant to your story. Do not call on the phone; editors are very busy and get hundreds of pitches a day, and in today’s 24/7 news cycle they greatly prefer to communicate by email. If they like your story idea, they may hand it off to a reporter. If you don’t hear back you can try one follow up email, but if that gets no response, it’s best to move on and try a different media outlet.
4.    When you do land that interview, remember you have the ability to guide it. Do your research before your interview so you know your story well. Prepare by knowing what questions journalists will ask.
5.    Share the good news. When you land a story, post it on your website and social media sites. Good news stories tend to attract more news stories.
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