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The following was originally posted as a comment on this blog, but is being reposted, considering the importance of the topic to many arts entrepreneurs and those seeking to improve their search rankings.

Many want to increase their search rankings and, ideally, find themselves on the first page of Google rankings. 

  • When blogging, try weaving tag words into your text body and create strong tags that also reflect your text.
  • Then repeat with all of your posts.
  • Focus on carving out a niche for yourself, based around a few tag words that are not already dominated.
  • Focus to capture those few and list the more common ones, simultaneously (tags), as you post.
  • Link to other relevant sites, as you are on the world-wide web and Google seems to like linking.
  • Finally, share, share, share. The more it is read, the more relevant it becomes and the more it climbs.

Trying to guess the Google algorithms is moving target at best and, for most, a mystery. This is necessary or people would take advantage of such rankings for personal gain.

If you have success with this method, please do share.

Thanks for reading our blog and please keep in touch.

Jim Hart is the Director of Arts Entrepreneurship at Southern Methodist University, Meadows School of the Arts.

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