Student Marquelle Power Interviews Robert Guthrie

Robert Guthrie

The following interview is part of a class assignment for Entrepreneurship and the Hero Adventure at SMU, Meadows School of the Arts. Each interview has been conducted and created by students for this course, which celebrates those heroes in our communities. Heroism, for the purpose of this course and assignment is described as: 

  • Service of something larger than oneself.
  • A willingness to sacrifice in the name of service.

Conducted by: SMU student Marquelle Power


Marquelle: Hi Mr. Guthrie, thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me. I just want to let you know this interview will be used for the educational purposes of this class and will be put in a blog online. If you want to remain anonymous that’s fine. I just need your consent before we begin.

Guthrie: Yes, that’s fine.

M: Ok, let’s begin. What three points of advice would you give to entrepreneurs following university life?

G: Be sure you realize your education starts after you graduate. University life gives you tools for basic

knowledge. It’s about gaining experience, this is one reason that many entrepreneurs have made great success through experience.I’m not putting down university life or schooling systems, I’m just saying that afterwards is when you really start learning.  My next point is to diversify your plans to the extent your capable of. I was single-minded and only wanted to play concerts, but I found I soon wanted to teach as well. In terms of music, diversify yourself in the styles you play. But, don’t compromise your musical value be genuine about your interest.

The third point is, be willing to give back and help others sooner than later. Your success is largely determined by your relations with other people. For example, there was a kid I learned from in 7th or 8th grade that was my first student. I learned that you never know who you may be helping and that they may appreciate it. His parents had  called me and thanked me for having taken the time to help him learn.

M: How did relations help with your growth as a musician and person?

G: I was interested in learning from those people, and acquiring knowledge from them and learn how to apply it effectively. When two people communicate it works best if there is a mutual benefit. It’s not healthy if one person is trying to get info out of another for self gain. That reminds of what Celin Romero once said, he said, “The student has to inspire me to teach them”. That’s my outlook.

M: How important is giving back to the community to you?

G: I don’t believe in that. It’s more of a giving back from one person to another. In terms of music, music is special; it’s a language of emotion and feeling. When you share the music and play it for people you’re sharing that beauty. Teaching is different, it’s a way of helping others to learn and be successful at what they are doing.

M: Well thank you Mr. Guthrie again for your time, until next time.

G: Thank you.

*Interview conducted 3/21/13*

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