Finding a Sense of Balance

Most people want to be happy.

In order to be happy, our needs must be met.

Needs are not to be mistaken for wants.

If too many of our needs go unmet, our lives feel out of balance.

Balance is an important objective, as it can lead to a feeling of well-being.

Entrepreneurship is an extreme game.

It is full of risk and considerable obstacles for those who enter the game.

In this game, outcomes have impact–upon oneself and others.

The cost of success will be a taxing one.

Need evidence of this? Look to great pioneers, entrepreneurs and leaders of the past.

Look to the present as well and you will find many.

Look to their stories and you will find a common thread of struggle.

Sometimes the struggles we face end up being transitional moments in our lives.

When we are faced with hardship, by persevering, we grow wiser…

If our spirits are not crushed.

How do we not allow our spirits to become crushed?

We can maintain perspective, stay present, adaptable and attempt to find balance.

Sometimes, it is not possible to have balance.

In such times, we can seek out a sense of balance.

Example: If we do not have time for spiritual needs that involve going to church, then we kneel where we are and we prey.

If one’s physical needs are not met, we must attend to those, lest we have no energy or focus. If our need is to have a stable roof over our heads and we are only able to have temporary housing, then we relish in what temporary housing we do have, at the moment.

By developing a sense of balance when life becomes unbalanced, we have a sturdier foundation upon which to build.

Balance = Everything, Re: Sustainability

Jim Hart

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