Living Heroically

What’s a Hero? A hero is an individual who serves a cause that is bigger than just oneself.

Common qualities of heroism are:

  • Meaning: Meaning has a way of sustaining us in difficult times. Meaning is a motivating factor.
  • Sacrifice: Sometimes we must let go of our own agendas to meet the needs of others. Sacrifice often occurs in the process of encountering obstacles, an inevitable quality of adventure. To sacrifice for the good of others, while facing great difficulties is to act with valor.
  • Service:  Whom do you serve? Who are your people? Who is your audience? These are the people offer their skills and creative ability to. Service of others can lead to one becoming necessary.

To live a heroic life is noble. A heroic life is a life people speak about when the hero is gone from this world.

Live a life that is story-worthy.

Learn to make a real impact on the world in which you live.

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Jim Hart serves as the Director of Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU.

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