It’s All About The Plan

Want to increase your chances of making a living in the arts?

Want to create your own business or serve as a “business of one”?

Want to make an impact on the world?

First you need a plan.

Creating an Arts Venture Plan, now offered in the department of Arts Entrepreneurship, is destined to become one of the most valuable courses in the Meadows curriculum offerings.

In creating a plan of action for your career pursuits gives you a sense of purpose and direction. When we understand the direction in which we are going, we can set appropriate goals to achieve our objectives.

The tools offered in the course Creating an Arts Venture Plan are tools that will resonate over the course of one’s life.

Increase your chances of making a living from your creativity.

Register today.

Jim Hart is the Director of Arts Entrepreneurship. Hart will teach three courses this semester at SMU: Creating an Arts Venture Plan, Attracting Capital, & Entrepreneurship and the Hero Adventure.

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