Why Arts Entrepreneurship?

The vast majority of artistic programs in the country, train students in “arts techniques” only, with little to nothing in how to “make your living in the arts”.

When you study at Meadows School of the Arts at SMU, you’ll receive a excellent offering of artistic technique. This will aide you in becoming the best artist you can be.

In addition to artistic technique, students now have the opportunity to study Arts Entrepreneurship, either as elective courses or as part of our new minor in Arts Entrepreneurship.

When our students study artistic technique, combined with entrepreneurial techniques, they dramatically increase their chances of making a living in the arts.

We want our students to, not only make a living from their art, but to also thrive, serve as industry leaders, define national culture and contribute to the arts and society in ways that have a tangible impact–not just for our graduates, but our national culture as a whole. As artist entrepreneurs create opportunities for themselves, they inevitably create opportunities for others (meaning jobs), which serve as a real contributing factor to the economy.

As our students’ succeed, the reputation of Meadows succeeds, as one of the national leaders in arts education in America. We are creating a movement at SMU, Meadows School of the Arts. Discover how large you can dream and the scope of what you are capable of building. Let’s do that, together.

Explore our site and discover what makes us unique.

Interested in learning more about Arts Entrepreneurship? Contact Director of Arts Entrepreneurship, Jim Hart, at (214) 768-7659 or by emailing jdhart@mail.smu.edu

Artistic Technique + Entrepreneurial Technique = Working Artist.

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