October 18, 2017

Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 14, 2017, to attend the next Visiting Artist Lecture Series panel put on by the SMU Meadows Division of Art. The lecture will feature curator Laura A. L. Wellen, artists Hellen Ascoli and Reyes Josué Morales, and Division of Art Professor and Interim Chair James Sullivan.

What is the Visiting Artist Lecture Series? 

The Visiting Artist Lecture Series brings artists from around the world to SMU. Then, these artists participate in panels and lectures about their work and discuss the art community as a whole. SMU Meadows is a convener of the arts. Therefore, these presentations allow students and members of the broader community to learn more about possibilities in the contemporary art world. All events are free and open to the public.

Sofia Bastidas (L) is the third curatorial fellow for the Pollock Gallery.

Meet the October 14 Visiting Artist Lecture Series Artists 

The October 14 lecture is held in conjunction with the closing reception for the current exhibition at SMU’s Pollock Gallery, Acts of Aggression: An Exhibition About Community. It features several of the exhibit’s participants discussing collaboration and community gesture.

The first guest, Laura A. L. Wellen is a Guatemala City and Houston based writer and exhibit curator.  Most of her writings and exhibitions are about finding points of connection between people’s emotional lives and their regional histories. As a result, Acts of Aggression fits perfectly with her work.

Also, artist Hellen Ascoli will be on the panel. She is a weaver and an educator, working in both Guatemala City and Madison, Wis. Ascoli investigates material culture to understand relationships and identity. Having worked closely with James Sullivan, another speaker at the Oct. 14 event, Ascoli will provide insight into collaborating with other artists across various media.

In addition, artist Reyes Josué Morales will sit on the panel on October 14. Based in Totonicapán, Guatemala, Morales creates works combining theater, visual art, education, psychology, human development and cultural studies. Morales looks at the connections between phenomenology, ritual, ancestral cultures and art.

Lastly, SMU’s own James Sullivan will attend the October 14 Visiting Artist Lecture Series. He is a professor and the interim chair of the Division of Art. Sullivan’s work focuses on sculpture centered on the body, located in both the figurative image and abstraction of bodily forms, spaces, and experiences.

Want to Attend the Visiting Artist Lecture Series? 

As you can see, the SMU Division of Art has an amazing group of artists to discuss their work and the contemporary art world. Because classes only go so far, the Visiting Artist Lecture Series offers opportunities to learn about art in contexts beyond what can be taught. Rather, it focuses on real-world experience. All are welcome to sit in on the Visiting Artist Lecture Series on October 14. It’s from 3 to 5 p.m. in the Pollock Gallery on the first floor of the Hughes-Trigg Student Center, 3140 Dyer St. at Southern Methodist University.

Can’t make the Visiting Artist Lecture Series event on October 14? Well, mark your calendar for October 18, when author and art critic Jenni Sorkin discusses the intersection between gender, material culture and contemporary art. For more lectures, check the complete Visiting Artist Lecture Series schedule. Be sure to follow the SMU Division of Art on Facebook to stay up to date on other events the program will put on this semester.