Over 60 Universities Represented and Three Years of Planning: Five Things to See at SMU Art History’s International Conference

An international conference organized and funded by the Meadows School of the Arts and the Art History Department By Amy Freund (Associate Professor) and Alex Perez (M.A. student) We’ve been planning this conference in the Art History Department for three years, and it’s finally about to happen. When we started out, we thought that maybe 80 people would show up – and that’s a lot for an academic conference. But as of today we have 145 people registered to attend. 

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Art Historians: Meet The Graduate Studies Students of SMU Art History

The M.A. Program in Art History trains leaders in the field who are capable of thinking critically, viewing objects with fresh perspective and conducting research at the highest level and who are conversant with the discipline’s history and invested in shaping its future. Recent graduates have gone on to Ph.D. programs, most fully funded, at Harvard, Yale, Northwestern, Brown, Cornell, UCLA, University of Michigan and USC. Whether it’s the M.A. or Ph.D. program, small classes, one-on-one mentorship and internship opportunities are key to growing. In that spirit, SMU Art History introduces the 22 graduated candidates.

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