The SMU Alumni Board serves as the leadership board of the SMU Alumni community. Members of this Board are visible champions of SMU and engage alumni with the University and with one another to promote SMU's goals and secure its future.

Criteria for membership include:

A degree from SMU (to be eligible, candidates must have completed their undergraduate degree more than ten years ago)

Willingness to serve a three-year term

Willingness to attend two of three annual meetings per year in Dallas (April, November, February).

Willingness to cover travel expenses to attend three Board meeting per year (only applies to members living outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex)

The nomination process requires a formal nomination and completed application. Once a nomination is received, SMU Alumni Relations will send the nominee a letter notifying him or her that his or her name was submitted and an Alumni Board Application form. Additional letters of support are recommended, but not mandatory. The nomination deadline is December 31. Once nominated, the individual’s name will remain in rotation for a total of three consecutive years, including the year in which he or she was nominated.

  • Please note

    If this is a self-nomination, you are not required to submit a nomination form, but must submit an application using this online form. Contact SMU Alumni Relations at with any questions.