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The Latino Alumni of SMU Mentorship Program is meant to connect Latino students and alumni and build meaningful relationships for both mentors and mentees. The program is designed to encourage both personal and professional development for students. Mentorship pairs are encouraged to meet one on one throughout the academic year and participate in activities held by the Office of Alumni Relations, Office of Social Change and Intercultural Engagement (SCIE), and Hegi Family Career Development Center. Mentees will have the opportunity to prepare for their professional career and expand their professional network. Mentors will help provide their mentees with career advice and guidance. For any questions, please contact Raquel Orozco at

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Mentorship Program Commitments

If selected as a mentee, I commit to making a reasonable effort to meet with my mentor three times per year, participating in mentorship events as my schedule allows, and working towards the professional development goals outlined by the program.
If I am unable to continue participating at any time, I understand that I must inform my mentor and SMU Alumni Relations. I understand that by failing to do so, I may not be selected to participate as a mentee for the following year.
Publication Consent and Liability Waiver
By checking this box, I hereby give Southern Methodist University (SMU) and its trustees, officers, employees, volunteers, students and agents the absolute right and permission to photograph, audio-record, video-record or otherwise record my voice, name, physical likeness, and appearance and to publish, distribute, exhibit, broadcast, license, sell or otherwise use at any time in the future, photographs, audio-recordings, or other media containing my voice, name, physical likeness and appearance or in which I may be included in whole or part, with or without my name, in connection with this event, and in addition, in connection with any other educational, research (including, without limitation, use in research studies), service, editorial, promotional, advertising, web, internet, digital repository or other purposes of Southern Methodist University. I hereby waive any right I may have to inspect and/or approve the script or finished product created in connection therewith, or the use to which the script or finished product may be applied. I release SMU and it trustees, officers, employees, volunteers, students and agents from any liability whatsoever in connection with such use, including, without limitation, liability whatsoever in connection with such use, including, without limitation, liability incurred by virtue of any form of optical, compositional, or composite distortion that may occur while taking, processing, composing, editing, reproducing, publishing, or displaying said photographs, audio-recordings, video-recordings or other media. I hereby assign and license to Southern Methodist University any and all copyright or other intellectual property rights that I may have in and to the script and the finished product. I agree that I will receive no compensation. I am at least 18 years of age.

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