Interdisciplinary Approach | Practical Outcomes | Hands-On Learning |  Actionable Toolkit

The SMU Accelerator is a short-term, cohort-based executive program that provides mentorship, hands-on education, and an action toolkit culminating in solutions for your business problems.

The program prepares working professionals to analyze, manage, and build digital experiences that are unique and valuable in the marketplace.  It provides participants with the strategy to solve messy, real world problems and to communicate results.

Participants gain technical, analytical, and communication skills through a project-based interdisciplinary curriculum, which seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of the new digital experience.

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Module 1: Digital Strategy

  • Learn why digital requires new strategic models
  • Understand the 3 keys to digital: big data, customer experience, and innovation

Module 2: Customer Experience

  • Introduction to customer experience
  • Customer experience mapping
  • Building the customer journey

Module 3: Design Thinking

  • Empathetic design
  • How to communicate, test, and evaluate designs
  • Design workshop

Module 4: Digital Marketing

  • New marketing framework
  • Content marketing through storytelling using big data
  • Customer listening and key influencers

Module 5: Social Media

  • Mobile and social strategies
  • Social dashboards and measurements
  • User-generated content and key influencers

Module 6: Driving Innovation

  • Emerging technologies
  • Internet of Things
  • Organizing and managing for innovation

Module 7: Big Data

  • Understanding using big data
  • Using data to drive decisions
  • Measurements and analytics

Module 8: Digital Transformation

  • Understanding change management for digital
  • Organizational structures that promote digital transformation
  • Other implementation issues

Capstone Project: The SMU Accelerator Portfolio

  • Digital essentials roadmap
  • Digital essentials scorecard
  • Digital essentials strategy canvas