Why the SMU Digital Accelerator

Regardless of your industry or functional area, chances are that your business is undergoing significant change based upon disruptive technologies and ever changing customer expectations.   Firms that understand how to harness these technologies and create new valuable customer experiences are the ones that will thrive in the digital world.

Demand and Opportunity

The demand for employees with digital skills has never been greater!  According to research by CapGemini, firms that are further along in digital maturity outperform  their competitors in sales and ROI.   The New York Times recently reported that top firms are telling their employees to learn new skills or look elsewhere for employment.   As firms undergo digital transformation, the job market is expected to explode for professionals who gain these digital skills and strategies.   Functions and roles that were traditionally done by marketing, sales, IT, and operations will be shifting toward new interdisciplinary divisions organized around the new digital experience.

Education and Training

THE SMU DIGITAL ACCELERATOR trains professionals in the skills they need to make sense of the complexity of real world interactions and to apply what is learned to increase ROI within the firm.  Participants in this program will receive hands-on training that prepares them to ask relevant questions, manage and lead others, and to communicate digital opportunities and strategies to senior management.  Participants will also leave with a Professional Digital Capstone Portfolio of tools and resources to apply back at their organization.

For Individuals +

THE SMU DIGITAL ACCELERATOR is designed to train and develop professionals in their digital intelligence. The program prepares working professionals to analyze, manage and build digital experiences that are unique and valuable in the marketplace. It provides participants with the strategy to solve messy, real world problems and to communicate results. Participants gain technical, analytical, and communication skills through m.School’s project-based interdisciplinary curriculum, which seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of the new digital experience.

For Corporations +

Custom Programs for Corporations

Our faculty and leadership team consult to top corporations around the globe and can help deliver the Accelerator program on-site at your corporation.  In addition to reducing expenses, custom programs often generate increased ROI for firms by aligning the curriculum to particular business issues facing the organization.

Team Capstone Projects

Sending teams of 3 – 5 employees to the program is an excellent way to leverage the benefits of the course.  During the capstone portion of the class, teams can solve a real business issue facing the firm.  Our faculty serve as advisors, with the goal of creating solutions that can be implemented after the course.  Mentoring is also available after the program to help implement the capstone projects and ensure the program generates positive business results for the firm.