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in Most Popular | January 17th, 2009

Every now and then, we like to remind those who subscribe to Open Culture via rss feed or email that our site hosts large collections of cultural and educational media. In total, these collections offer thousands of hours of enriching audio and video, and it???s all free. You can download most all of it straight to your computer or mp3 player. To access these materials, simply bookmark this page, or visit our site. And if you would like to forward these resources to friends, or mention them on your own web site, we would certainly appreciate it.

podcastimage.jpgFree Audio Books
Free University Courses
Free Foreign Language Lessons
Educational YouTube Collections
Arts & Culture Podcasts
Music Podcasts (includes a good amount of free classical music)
News/Information Podcasts
Science Podcasts
Travel Podcasts
Technology Podcasts
University Video Collections
University Podcasts – General Directory
University Podcasts – Business School
University Podcast – Law School

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