Archives aided by anti-spam tools

Crumbling texts and books are being digitised thanks to anti-spam tools.

To thwart spammers many websites force visitors to transcribe obscured words or characters before they get access. Now instead of random words many sites are taking text from old books and documents that have been scanned by character reading software. The words supplied are those the software cannot read but humans can, helping to complete the conversion of old texts to digital form.


About Ian Aberle

Ian Aberle is the IT Communications Specialist and Trainer for the Office of Information Technology (OIT) at Southern Methodist University (SMU). He started at SMU in 1996 and, for much of his career at the University, had managed the SMU STAR Program before joining the Training & Communications Team in 2015. In his free time, Ian enjoys photography and road trips with his family. You can see examples of when the two collide at
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