2022National Council on Measurement in Education
Examining Response Processes Using Cognitive Interviewing: Understanding the Role of Item Features in Elicited Responses
2022American Educational Research Assoc. (AERA)Uncovering Children’s Spatial Reasoning Through Iterative Interview Design
2022SMU Undergraduate Research Days Poster SessionUncovering Construct Irrelevant Variance: Designing & Refining Assessment Items
2022Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)Climbing the Ladder of Complexity: Learning Progressions as Mathematics Formative Assessment Support
2021NCME Classroom Assessment ConferenceThe Communication Conundrum: Clarifying Comparable Assessment Terminology Among Teachers
2021National Council on Measurement in Education
Developing a Survey to Assess At-Home Spatial Reasoning
2021American Educational Research Assoc. (AERA)Innovations in Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Classroom Assessments based on Learning Theories (Virtual)
2021American Educational Research Assoc. (AERA)Shape Composition as a Progression of Spatial Reasoning Sophistication (Virtual)
2021International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI)Using Teacher-Centered Design to Build Equitable Outcomes in Mathematics for Young Learners
2020Home Mathematics Environment ConferenceDeveloping an Instrument to Measure at-home Spatial Reasoning (Virtual)
2020National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)Just Keep Building! Developing Young Children’s Spatial Reasoning Through Collaborative Activities That Connect Classroom and Home Learning (Cancelled COVID 19)
2020The Mathematical Cognition and Learning SocietyEmpirical Validation of an Early Numeracy Learning Progression (Cancelled COVID 19)
2020The Mathematical Cognition and Learning Society
and SMU Graduate Research Days
An Iterative Design Process for Early Spatial Reasoning Cognitive Interview Protocols (Cancelled COVID 19)
2020American Educational Research Assoc. (AERA)Measures of Numeric Relational Reasoning Across the Grades: Evidence of Response Processes (Cancelled COVID 19)
2020American Educational Research Assoc. (AERA)Designing Diagnostically-informative Assessments Using Human Centered Design (Cancelled COVID 19) 
2019Maryland Assessment Research Center ConfereceLearning Progressions-based Classroom Assessments
2019American Educational Research Assoc. (AERA)Empirical Recovery of Learning Progressions Through the Lens of Educators
2019Erikson Promising Math Conference Making Reasoning Visible: Cognitive Interview Evidence for Numeric Relational Reasoning Learning Progressions for Grades K-2
2019Psychology of Mathematics Education – N. America (PMENA)Equality on a Scale vs. Equal Sign in a Mathematical Equation
2019Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching (CAMT)The Equals Sign is More Than “Just Do It”
2019Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching (CAMT)Promoting Spatial Reasoning in PK-2: Activities and Questioning Strategies
2019National Council Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) -PractitionerSpatial Reasoning: Activities and Questioning Strategies to Elicit Complex Reasoning in K-2
2019Reserch Council on Mathematics Learning (RCML)Numeric Relational Reasoning Learning Progressions: K-2 Protocols
2018Psychology of Mathematics Education – N. America (PMENA)Assessment of K-2 Relational Reasoning Skills: Strengths and Limitations of Item Types and Formats

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