SMU Dedman School of Law’s Class of 2017 has issued a challenge to its classmates!  The goal is hope to have 80% or more of this year’s graduating class honor the legacies of retiring Professors Bill Bridge and Maureen Armour by making a gift to the Bridge-Armour Scholarship Fund. Make a gift and follow the Law Grads Give Back progress on this page, and best wishes as you prepare for graduation!

Note: Results for the #LawGradsGiveBack are being added to the website as they are received. Thank you so much for your participation!

Give Now
80% Class Participation

TOTAL RAISED: $6,731.64 (Includes Alumni Match)

 Kevin D. Pierce  Katherine E. Geddes  Ashley W. Yen  Laura E. Shapiro  Jordan L. Fontenot  Aaron P. Pirouznia  Evan J. Atkinson  Barret V. Armbruster  Hannah E. Cline  Katherine A. Lowe  Ashlyn T. Scott  Jordan K. Bruns  Jin Seock Shin  Alexandra F. Figari  Laci V. Resendiz  Alexander R. Turner  Kayla C. Johnson  Laura B. Torres  Stephen J. Torres  Ryan T. Young  Ashley Homafar  Wade H. Scofield  Kelly E. Almeter   Caitlin A. Conner   Evan R. Bookstaff   Allison N. Cook   Carolyn E. Perry   Ashley E. Jones   Jonathan B. Bass   Shanna M. Dean   Kenny B. Haesly   Jacob L. Novak   Xin Chang   David B. Lassetter   Jennifer M. Trejo   Michael C. Quigley   Ashley M. Hubbard   Catherine Chlebowski   Gretchen E. Diebel   Paola A. Munoz   Laura E. Choi   Alstyn B. Bennett   Chime Nwikoro   Abigail R. Storm   Dana Hilzendager   Donald A. Laidlax   Courtney A. Capshaw   Travis D. Cox   Stephen F. Mcstravick   Evan A. Kirkham   Lauren K. Minor   Dean M. Gould   Hao J. Wu   Ashley M. Nelson   Chad Nelson   Lianne Baldridge   Holly K. Hughes   May E. Crockett   Mary L. Nicholas   Adam J. Nicholas   Chase McBeath   David Thompson  Jamie Raju   Anne G. Beard  Kimberly A. Quirk  Susan T. Wheat   Parker J. Bergeron   Trevor G. Spears   Sarah  E. Sible  Adam R. Zimmerman  Veronica G. Diaz-Arrastia   Lara E. Bailey   Emily C. Mix   Madeleine R. Shroyer   Jennifer Little   Melanie G. Trostel   Madison K. Keeble   Lara J. Corazalla   Conor J. McCall   Brennwyn B. Romano   Sean K. Scribner   Steven M. Beauchamp   Anna K. Olin   Meredith R. Borschow