Lisa M.

I remember driving southbound on Central Expressway to SMU, on my way to work, after dropping my kids off at school. Radio stations kept talking about an airplane crash in NYC – I thought commerical flight type accident. By the time I got to the office, students/faculty/staff were gathered around TV in my building. I asked what was going on, and was told it was a “terrorist attack”. Minutes later, we all are watching the 2nd plane crash live in New York. It was just a feeling of shock and numbness. I immediately checked on my children at school. They all have counselors in place/some kids were released early. I just kept on working, and encouraged my children to maintain some sense of normalcy so they would not freak out. School counselors were awesome! It was a day we all came together as a nation. Never again should Americans feel complacent living in our country. Terrorism is no longer exempted from our hometowns. At the same time, we should not punish Muslim Americans for what happened. Lessons learned for me and my children is that we all need to learn to get along, accept each other’s differences and learn to co-exist in harmony. The victims of 911 did not die in vain. We all should be better human beings because of it.

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