Lauren Driskell ’06 Thanks Peruna For Giving Her An Amazing Experience

Thank you Peruna for giving me exposure to a variety of experiences that I treasure to this day.

This has impacted me because I was able to grow professionally, academically and spiritually through the programs and classes on campus.

I donate to SMU because I hope that future students can have experiences even better than the amazing experiences I had and be able to continue the Mustang legacy.

This is why I VOTED for Peruna at!

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Peruna Horsing Around in President Turner’s Office

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War Horse or War Room?

(DALLAS) – State Representatives Dan Branch (R-Dallas) and Rafael Anchia (D-Dallas) met with Peruna today in his war room to discuss strategies to win his campaign for support of SMU.  If you haven’t voted, visit and cast your vote today!

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Jackie Effenson ’05 Thanks Peruna For Giving Her A Home Far From Home

Thank you Peruna for giving me an alumni connection in a city far from home.

This has impacted me positively because New York is never a lonely place. I have made great friends who share the SMU experience, not to mention the strong networking opportunities here.

This have influcenced my decision to give back to SMU because I want the university to be even more notable on a national scale, and send more talented alums up north to our job market who also had a memorable college experience.

Home is where the Mustangs are and this is why I VOTED for Peruna at

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Peruna Is A Stud At The Dedman Center!

After all this campaigning, I decided to get a little work out in at the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports. I couldn’t help but notice how thirsty the students looked so I thought I’d save them a trip to the trough water fountain by bringing them some bottled water. I had the chance to talk to our future young alums about why they chose SMU. Nearly every one of them said it was the campus that brought them here. Not only is it gorgeous, but the students and faculty are friendly plus there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. By VOTING for me, you are providing these students/future alums with the best possible campus experience. As you know campus experience is one of my mane main platforms.  If we reach 100 VOTES by the end of this week, I’ll do 100 pushups! I may not be a thoroughbred but I’m pretty strong. VOTE now at

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Peruna Is Always In The Mood To Visit Moody!

Peruna talks about the Big East in front of the Moody Mustangs

I trotted walked over to the Moody Coliseum to learn more about the upcoming renovations and talk to some alums about SMU entering the Big East. Since SMU is going BIG (Big East that is), it’s only logical that we make everything BIGGER!

Come August, Moody Coliseum is getting a serious face lift in order to modernize the facility. This is great not only because of SMU’s new conference division, but several notable speakers including four U.S. presidents have made appearances in this arena. VOTE for me and maybe I’ll be next! Now that I think about it, public speaking may not be the best option since I can’t actually speak. Nonetheless, I’ll make my Moody debut on the sidelines at the home games! Here’s a bit of information for you, Moody Coliseum was home to the Texas Chaparrals, currently known as the San Antonio Spurs. (Horses aren’t big fans of spurs, seeing as how they poke us and all.) Anyway, it’s a bit ironic because our new basketball coach is none other than former Spurs coach and stud hall of famer, Larry Brown!

In addition to the Moody makeover, SMU is building a new tennis complex that meets conference guidelines so we can host tennis matches on our home turf!

When you VOTE for me, you’re contributing to all the BIG changes on the SMU campus. Remember, you can designate your gift to any area of the University including one of these projects and SMU athletics. VOTE now at

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YA Wine Tasting

(DALLAS) – Peruna the Pony, amidst his campaign for support of SMU stopped by the Dallas Young Alumni Wine Tasting to visit with 250 of his supporters of his efforts.

“This is a great opportunity for our candidate, Peruna the Pony, to show how he can appeal to supports of all ages”, said JW Marshall ’04, campaign communications director.

Easily the best dressed guest of the evening, Peruna gained 50 new votes at this event. Be one of the next 50 and cast your vote at today.








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Peruna In The Big D

Peruna discussing SMU’s econmonic impact with SMU YA Board President Thomas Kincaid ’05, Brayden Harris ’08, Jasmine Culpepper ’06, Maggie Easterlin ’10, Elissa Nadel ’07, Regan Owen ’09, Samantha Thomas ’10, Susan McIntyre ’01, Caitlin Myers ’09, Hadleigh Henderson ’03, MADAMIC ’01, Katie Wright ’08, Marley Wing ’10, Farida Iqbal ’11, Katy Cary ’11, and Atton Weimer ’11

I decided to go back out into the Dallas community and grab some lunch with my young alumni supporters. We met by the Winspear (where DYA saw In the Heights earlier this year) at the food trucks. I didn’t see any trucks serving hay so I settled for a 12 grain oat sandwich instead. Looking around downtown, we noticed how much the city has grown. In fact, alumni support of the university has contributed to the flourishing city. Recently, SMU released a book on the university’s impact on the city and its return on investment. Dr. Turner presented the information at the Federal Reserve Bank to 400 area leaders! They initially asked me to give the presentation but I can’t speak and attempting to mime that information would have been exhausting. Dr. Turner made a great runner up (perhaps he’ll make a great runner up once again). If you VOTE for me, I get to be SMU President for a day! Cast your VOTE at! Your dollars not only impact the university but it impacts the entire city!

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Jake Torres ’11 Thanks Peruna For Giving Him His Fiancé

Thank you Peruna for giving me my fiancé!

My fiancé and I both decided to become teachers after graduation. I could not imagine doing anything else with my life than working in the classroom. Having her support every day and knowing that we are both working to serve students in low income communities is an incredible feeling.

SMU exposes students to incredible people. It brings brilliant students from across the globe together to find ways to better their communities. I am thankful to the university for introducing me to my future wife and for the ways that she has helped me grow. I will always give back to the school that helped make me a better person.

This is why I VOTED for Peruna at

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Peruna at the Wine Tasting!

We’ve just received word from headquarters that Peruna the Pony will be making a special appearance tomorrow at the DYA Wine Tasting! Don’t miss this special opportunity to get your picture taken with him. Below are details for the event. Come show your support and don’t forget to VOTE!

Friday, May 18, 7 p.m. Meadows Museum at SMU
5900 Bishop Blvd. Dallas, TX 75205
$15 per person Complimentary parking in Meadows Garage RSVP by Thursday, May 17 at

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